Peter Pan Collar

16 Apr

Seems like the world of fashion is obsessed with the Peter Pan collar. So am I!

Photo from

These are so much fun to do on your nails. You can paint the latest fashion trends on your nails, especially the Peter Pan Collars. Here’s how I did them.


  1. Start with clean nails– no polish, no base coat.
  2. Cut binder paper ring stickers.
  3. Apply the binder paper ring stickers to each finger to get the shape of a neckline.
  4. Apply one or two coats of BLACK nail polish.
  5. Paint the collar using WHITE nail polish. Make 2 dots next to each other to start the collar and then connect it with corners (see the image below).
  6. Remove the stickers and use a paint brush to clean up the line.
  7. Add a CLEAR coat to secure the MICRO BEADS.
  8. Use a damp orange stick to pick up each bead and place it on the nail.
  9. After making a row of “buttons”, add one last quick drying clear coat to secure the beads.
  10. Ta-da! Enjoy your Peter Pan Collar-inspired nail art!

Photorial from The Beauty Department

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