Kitchen Essentials for Hair Highlighting?

21 Apr

Want highlights? So I just found out that you can use LEMON JUICE to lighten your hair color.

You can achieve the same shade that comes when you’re under the sun through these steps.


1.) Get some lemon juice, or you can also make your own.

2.) Spray it on to your locks. You can do it evenly or use a comb to create highlights, it is up to you.

3.) Stay under the sun for about an hour, nothing will happen if you stay longer than that.

4.) Rinse.

5.) Condition.

There you go! Super simple, right? Never forget to do numbers 4 and 5 so that your hair won’t be dry or brittle. You can do this as often as you want. The more you do it, the lighter your hair gets, but don’t overdo it because it might cause hair damage.

Below are more fun and natural ways you can highlight your hair!

Beer, Olive Oil, Chamomile Tea, and Honey. Apply the same steps above.

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