Trendsetter Go-getter: Mustache Mania

20 May

Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I always see people wearing mustache-inspired accessories and clothes so I decided to buy different items with mustache and take pictures of them to share with you! If ever you’re wondering where I got these very awesome and cute items, I bought them from Claire’s! 🙂

Hardcase wallet with an I LOVE MUSTACHE design and snap closure

“I mustache (must ask) you a question.” I so love the statement in this iPhone 4/4s case!

This necklace has the most adorable charm. It’s a mustache-in-a-bottle charm!

A mustache detail adds a bit of fun to this mug. Take a sip for a silly look.

In need for a disguise? You can go undercover anytime with this cool necklace.

Is it a mustache or a necklace? It’s better than that. It’s both! Whether you’re look for the day is edgy or glam, you’re definitely gonna stand out!

It’s a classic comedy disguise for a cute nerd, complete with mustache. Wear these funny frames for a few good laughs.

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