Bed of Roses

21 May

Photorial from TBD

Here’s my new favorite way to get rid of dry skin:


  • A mason jar
  • Coconut oil
  • Raw cane sugar
  • Almond or jojoba oil
  • A fragrant rose (I suggest that you use sterling silver roses because they’re one of the most fragrant roses ever.)


  1. Use a small mason jar or any clear jar with a lid. You can also buy them online if you can’t find them in the store.
  2. Start by putting a large scoop of coconut oil in the bottom of the jar. You can get coconut oil at any health food store or major supermarket. It’s an “oil” but at room temp it’s more like a butter consistency and has a white paste-y texture.
  3. Next, pluck your rose petals and put them into the jar on top of the coconut oil.
  4. Add your raw sugar. If you can’t find raw cane sugar, brown sugar would also do! The coarser the better.
  5. Add your almond or jojoba oil on top of the sugar. I like jojoba oil best, which you can also find at health food stores or vitamin stores, because it’s the closest thing to our own natural oil and it absorbs really nicely into the skin. But almond oil is great too because it doesn’t take away from the scent in this jar.
  6. Wait a minute for your oil to seep down to the flower petals and then top it off with a little more almond or jojoba oil. Last but definitely not the least, put your lid on and let it sit so the oils can soak into the flower petals.

When you are ready to use it, take a spoon and mash it all up. The coarse sugar will break up the rose petals and they’ll continue to break up as you rub the scrub on your skin. This scrub can have a shelf life of one year, but I don’t think you’d ever leave this jar of magic sitting for that long.

NOTE: All measurements should be proportioned to the size of your jar. Everything should be equal parts and each layer should take up 1/3 of the jar.

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