This Place Is About to Blow

21 May

Okay, this isn’t about Ke$ha’s song nor the wolf who blew the house of the 3 pigs, this is about hair. HAIR-DRYING. Don’t lie, I know that many of you either got bangs or plan on getting bangs but you don’t really know how to style them. Got heavy bangs? Then just follow these steps on how to blow-dry your hair.


  1. Always blow out your bangs while your hair is super wet. The sooner you blow dry them out of the shower, the better the result will be. Hair is most cooperative and flexible before it air dries.
  2. Using  your blow dryer with the nozzle attached and a paddle brush, shift everything all the way to one side. Make sure to get warm air into the root. That will help you manipulate any unwanted “cowlicks”.
  3. Next, use your paddle brush to shift everything to the opposite side. Make sure you’re giving it a good push in the opposite direction.
  4. Split the bangs in half horizontally and clip the top half up.
  5. Using a medium to large sized round brush, smooth the bottom layer of your bangs out. Instead of curling them under, smooth all the way through the ends and point the nozzle toward the tip of the bangs as you see in the photo! TIP: The closer you keep the brush to your forehead and the less curling under you do, the less volume they will have. The more you lift the bangs and the more you curl under, the more volume you will have.
  6. Repeat the same motions with the top layer.
  7. Take the paddle brush and shift the bangs from left to right once more  to smooth everything out. Spray lightly with hairspray if desired.

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