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1st Blog Giveaway Winners

2 Jul

And the WINNER for my blog giveaway is (drum roll) SOFIA PEREZ. 🙂 Congratulations, Sofia. I will send you an email about the things I need to ship the items. 🙂 Since Sofia isn’t a blogger, Darleen Atienza is going to get the Shu Uemura falsies. You may wonder why she got the falsies even if she didn’t placed her Twitter, Bloglovin’, and Email details but she sent an email to me about them. 🙂


Last Day!

30 Jun

Okay, so today’s the last day for my blog giveaway. Only 6 joined as of now. 😦 Which means, the giveaway isn’t successful. 😦 Remember, I’m gonna do more giveaways if a lot of people would join. 🙂 It’s never too late, JOIN NOW! 🙂 Just browse through my old blog posts and you would see my post about the giveaway. 🙂

1st Blog Giveaway

14 Jun

Hello there! I’m pretty sure you’re really really excited for my blog giveaway. The wait is over! Since most of my blog readers chose cosmetics for this giveaway, you’re going to win the following items:

Muji Eyeshadow Palette

Muji Primer

Shu Uemura Dupe* (I will give out 5 pairs + glue for the eyelashes)

To join, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow this blog via EMAIL. You could see the Follow button at the right side of my blog. If you’re also a blogger, follow my blog via BLOGLOVIN. You could also see the button at the right side.
  2. Feature my blog in your blog. If you’re not a blogger, tweet “I want to win cosmetics from Oh Those Red Stilettos’ (https://ohthoseredstilettos.wordpress.com/) giveaway!”
  3. Leave a comment below with your Twitter username and Email Address. If you’re joining as a blogger, leave a comment with your Twitter username, Bloglovin name, and your blog’s link.

Remember, you need to have a Twitter account and an Email address in order to qualify. The winner will be chosen randomly. I’ll be announcing the lucky winner on June 29 in my blog.

I hope you support my first ever blog giveaway. If everything goes well, I might turn this into a monthly thing. Good luck everyone!

* Note: Only bloggers could win the Shu Uemura dupe.

** Note: This is open to Philippine residents only. If you live abroad and are interested to join, please know that you have to shoulder the shipping fee.

For my first blog giveaway!

20 May

Right now, I am arranging my first blog giveaway. I just want to give you a sneak peek on what to expect in this upcoming giveaway. I’m going to give out a Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. So here’s the thing: If you could make my blog included in the TOP 100 list of topblogs.com.ph before the month of May ends, I’m also gonna give out a Wet and Wild makeup kit! Just make my blog in the Top 100 list, then you could join the giveaway, just make sure, you’re a resident in the Philippines so that I could ship the item/s to you! ARE YOU READY?

NOTE: If I’m going to give out the Wet and Wild makeup kit, there would be 2 winners.

For my first blog giveaway!

20 May

Oh dear! In just 2 days, I already reached Top 500! I really have the most awesome and coolest followers/readers in the world. 🙂 THANK YOU! And now, as promised, I’m gonna give out a make-up palette for a lucky reader! EXPECT THIS GIVEAWAY ON JUNE. 🙂 JUST BE PATIENT!

For my first blog giveaway!

17 May

I just registered this blog to TOPBlogs.com.ph. So how is my getting registered related to my upcoming giveaway? I’m just going to do this giveaway IF AND ONLY IF, *drum roll*, Oh Those Red Stilettos could place TOP 500 or higher. It’s in your hands, my readers. What are you waiting for? Promote my blog now and tell all your friends about it!

NOTE: My blog is now already Top 801.

For my first blog giveaway!

14 May

So I guess, cosmetics placed 1st in the poll that I made. I’m so excited as you are to start this giveaway but, I’m still busy until the first week of June. I can’t promise, but I’m going to do my best to do this giveaway within the month of June. There will be some rules and conditions in my giveaway and it’s part of the rules that you must be in the Philippines to join this. Don’t worry! I will organize a giveaway for my international readers soon. 🙂