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30 Jun

A lot of you have mentioned that some of the polishes that we’ve posted in the past are too expensive when you’re living on a budget. Well, this sparkly DIY glitter polish tutorial should help you out. Here we go:

  1. Roll a post it into a cone shape and tape the side to create your funnel.
  2. You’ll need 3 kinds of sparkle. I used thick chunky craft glitter from the craft store, a fine craft glitter by Martha Stewart, and a gold pigment powder. You can either use a gold pigmented loose-powder eye shadow or you can get gold pigment powder from the art store.
  3. Get a bottle of clear top coat. Don’t use a quick drying top coat. It will get too sticky too fast. I used a basic clear top coat and dumped out a little bit to make room for the glitter.
  4. My formula: 1/4 teaspoon of the chunky glitter, 1/8 teaspoon of the fine glitter and “a pinch” of the gold pigment powder. Your formula depends on the size of your clear coat bottle, but go easy because you can always add more sparkles.
  5. Once you get it all in there, shake it up. Then you can decide if you want to add more of one glitter or another.

This makes a great gift when you’re a little tight on money– just personalize it by re-labeling the bottle with love. Good luck! Let’s see those sparkling manis!


Flowers Fade

21 Jun

Who doesn’t love a soft, faded floral pattern? You can basically do this mani in any color combo you want– we chose a spring-y palette. Here’s how you get the look:

YOU WILL NEED: Nail polish remover, 4 small paint brushes, a plate or something to put your polish drops on, a white nail polish + 3 of your favorite polish colors that look good together.

  1. Place a dot of each color on your plate. Also fill your nail polish remover cap with nail polish remover. The colors above are American Apparel “Angeline” and “The Valley + Wet & Wild “Club Havana”.
  2. Paint the base of your nails with something light and wait until they dry completely.
  3. Dip one of your small paint brushes in the nail polish remover and use it to dilute the polish drops. You want to add a few drops of polish remover in the nail polish until it starts to look thin and “stain-like”.
  4. Then using a dabbing motion, create abstract flower shapes on each nail. Leave room for the other colors too.
  5. Use your other brushes to dilute the other colors the same way. Don’t mix your brushes in different colors!
  6. Apply the other colors. Create as many abstract flowers as you want. Don’t stress about the shape. Some of the messy flowers ended up being my favorite!
  7. Now take a drop of the white paint from your base coat and dilute that using nail polish remover, just like you did with the other polishes.
  8. Apply a VERY thin dot of white on the center of each flower. If you diluted it enough, it will slowly spread over the flower when you put the drop down. If not, thin your white polish out a little more. When you put the white drop on top, it gives the flowers a more faded look.
  9. Wait for everything to dry and give it a good quick dry top coat.

Roses are Red

2 Jun

As promised, here’s how to get your own rose manicure at home.

What You’ll Need:

  • White nail polish
  • Pink nail polish
  • Lilac nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Black nail art pen


  1. Start with two base coats of white nail polish. Let it dry.
  2. Dab pink, lilac, and red circles on the nail from top to bottom. Alternating the order on each nail.
  3. Create leaves for your roses by using the corner of the green polish brush to draw tiny triangles.
  4. Using the nail art pen, outline the pink, lilac and red circles
  5. Paint semi circles on the roses to create a petal effect.
  6. Finish with a clear top coat.

Flower Power!

25 May

Floral Nail Art is a staple in any artists’ arsenal. The cute, mod flowers are deceptively simple to do, and give such a great look! All you need is some fun colors and a dotting tool (you can use a bobby pin or a toothpick if you don’t have one) and you’re ready to flower it up. The roses are a bit more challenging, but are totally worth mastering. I would make a blog post on how to make roses soooon. Patience, patience, and patience.


  1. Start with a dry base color.
  2. Make 5 dots in a circle.
  3. When dry, make 5 light dots just inside the first one.
  4. Finish with a white dot in the center and green dots if you want to put leaves.

The Daily News

24 May

Wanna know the latest news? With this nail art tutorial,  you can have the latest information at your fingertips!


  • Piece of newspaper
  • Base coat
  • Grey nail polish
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton buds
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish remover


  1. Apply a solid basecoat to protect your nails. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly.
  2. Paint your nails in a light grey or nude-ish nail polish color. Let it dry thoroughly.
  3. Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the cap or into a small jar. Dip each nail into the rubbing alcohol (vodka will also work) for about 5 seconds each.
  4. Take a small piece of newspaper. Press it firmly on your nail for a few seconds.
  5. Peel it off carefully. You’ll notice that the ink from the newspaper will be left behind.
  6. Get a cotton bud and some nail polish remover to clean up your nails.
  7. Apply a topcoat to your nails. This is needed because without it, the newspaper will rub off. It also helps in giving your nail some extra shine.



Sticky Situations

18 May

As I promised in my past nail art tutorial, I’m going to make a blog post on how to do the sticker method.  It’s really really hard (well, for me) to get clean lines when it comes to putting stripes on manicures. I’m going to share a DIY tip – nail polish on scotch tape. You can cut a perfect line or triangle and get a fun geometric manicure. Here’s how it’s done:


  1. You’ll need polish, scissors + scotch tape.
  2. Apply polish to your tape. Whatever color you want. Let it dry. I let mine dry for 30 minutes just to be sure and safe.
  3. Cut strips. Cut triangles or any other designs you want!


Wizard of Oz

16 May

Image from TBD

Sometimes you’ve gotta get a little country! Nothing screams sweet southern style more than gingham, so let’s put some country touch on your nails!


  1. Start by painting the nails white.
  2. Using the DIY sticker method (more of that in my next post), paint blue, pink, green or whatever color you love on a piece of tape. Wait for it to dry and cut it into thin strips. You’ll probably need 6-10 strips per finger.
  3. Lay 3-5 strips horizontally on each nail.
  4. Then lay the other 3-5 strips vertically.
  5. Trim the excess with cuticle nippers.
  6. Apply a quick drying top coat to seal your gingham pattern.

TIP: If you find it too overwhelming to put the gingham touch to all of your nails, you can do it to just one nail.

Bows Here, Bows There!

1 May

Bows here, bows there. Oh! Everyone seems into bows. I planned to make a tutorial on how to make your nails fancy and put bows on it. Here’s how it’s done!

TOOLS: mint or turquoise polish, white polish, black polish, a thin paint brush, top coat


  1. Paint 2 coats of mint or turquoise for the base.
  2. Make a double scallop shape at the tip using the white polish.
  3. Take a little black polish on a very thin paint brush and follow the shape of your scallop and end with a loop.
  4. Next, take a little more black polish and follow the other scallop, go past the previous loop, and cross over the first black line.
  5. Take a smear of white polish and make a dot in the middle of your bow. The color would depend on your liking.
  6. Don’t forget your top coat!

TIP: For STEP 6, you can use a rhinestone or a nail art sticker if you want!

Once a cheetah, always a cheetah!

27 Apr

Photorial from TBD

Cheetah print nails have been around for some time now so let’s put t.

TOOLS: 2 toothpicks, black nail polish, gold nail polish, clear coat.

PREPARATION: Use any color your want on the base of your nails. Make sure they’re fully dry before starting on these spots.

  1. Take your toothpick and tap it on the table or counter a few times to flatten out the tip. That will make your toothpick more like a dotting tool. Flattening the tip will help you pick up a little more nail polish.
  2. Create 2 little puddles using the gold and black. (Dipping your toothpick in the nail polish bottle is quite messy + you don’t want to leave your nail polish bottle open for too long either.)
  3. Dip your toothpick into the gold and make a messy oval “blob” shape on your nail.
  4. After the gold dries, surround them with black. Leave an opening between the black here and there.
  5. Now let’s see it closer up! Free-hand a gold “blob” shape.
  6. After it dries, take black and start surrounding the shape on one side. Think of it like putting messy parenthesis around your gold blob.
  7. Now do your messy parenthesis shape on the other side. You can even join them together on one side if you want.
  8. Do assorted shapes. Leave various gaps in the black polish. None of the spots should look the same. Once everything is dry, go over the spots with a top coat.