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What happened?

26 May

Okay. I’m sad right now. Really, really sad. I don’t know what happened. My blog is not in the Top 500 list anymore. Can you help me bring it back to the Top 500 list and make its rank go higher and higher? *pretty please* It would really mean a lot if you can. 🙂 Thanks! Oh, and just to remind you about my blog giveaway, the month’s about to end and my blog’s not in the Top 500 list nor in the Top 100 list. Remember, I WOULD ONLY GIVE OUT THE WET AND WILD MAKE-UP TRAINCASE IF MY BLOG IS GOING TO BE IN THE TOP 100 LIST. If my blog can’t reach it to the Top 100, then I’m just gonna give out a Naked 2 eyeshadow palette.